SkillHer Meet May 2024 Edition

The May edition of SkillHer Meet took the form of a hangout which was held at LMP Space on the 31st of May 2024.  

It was a dive into so much fun, relaxation and refreshment. We started by introducing ourselves and doing some networking, then we played two games a session of ludo which 4 people played and a session of whot which about 8 people played.

After which we engaged in discussing two topics which were "How did you come out of being stuck at any point in your life".

We had a really great time engaging this topic as we all shared our personal life experiences.

Islamiyah said when she was stuck she spoke to her friends and family and it helped alot.

Opeyemi said when she was stuck in her business that she saw the brighter side of how her business was impacting people and that for her was more encouraging than the money she wasn't getting from the business.

Omobolanle said when she was stuck she tried again she didn't give up, she put in more effort just as her friend counseled her not to give up.

Kofo said she took a walk just for the fresh air and to clear her head and she came back and knew what to do.

Monilola said she took a break off social media and just went to her family's place to rest and clear her head. 

We all learned from eachother on that topic, after which we went to the next topic "How do you manage the male gender who are your customers or bosses at work who wants beyond business but want pleasure" and this caused a roar in the room.

We all shared our personal experiences and how we were able to handle it. 

Betty said "She had to decline respectfully even though the person stopped patronizing her as much as he used to, he still patronizes her."

Toke said "As a woman be too valuable such that when a man sees you he will always want to pick that value above sex or pleasure."

Then we ate and chilled, after which we played a game called charade and it was so engaging and interesting as we had to split ourselves into two groups and work as a group and that brought about bonding.

After that we had a journaling session where we wrote what we were grateful for in the past month, what we did well in the past month and how we intend to do better, our goals for the coming month, and the plans we have to achieving the goals, then we wrote a five lines of affirmation that we will be telling ourselves daily and we all stood up and clapped for ourselves.

Then we did a game called dancing round the chair it was so interesting then we closed by introducing SkillHer to the attendees and the new arm of SkillHer which is called BAMwomen and we called it a day. 

Some of the feedbacks from the attendees after the Hangout were:

Omobolanle: I had such a blast today. You guys made it enjoyable, I learnt a lot as well. Looking forward to more amazing experiences with you guys. Thanks for the item 7 too☺️.

Opeyemi: Thanks to the entire team of skillher it was a great event i got to learn new things and meet new people.

Monilola: I had a great time today and learnt was so much fun.

I can't wait for our next meeting really 👯‍♂️.


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