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SkillHer Meet June 2024 Edition

 SkillHer Meet 6.0: Navigating the Entrepreneurial Journey. On June 27, 2024, the SkillHer community gathered at LMP Space for SkillHer Meet 6.0. This event, themed "Navigating the Entrepreneurial Journey: From Idea to Growth," featured the inspiring Tomi Shane as our facilitator. Tomi Shane is the Creative Director of Tomefits and a distinguished Wardrobe Consultant.  She is the innovative mind behind Tomefits, a fashion brand known for its diverse offerings, including Tomefits Casuals and Tomefits Bridals.  Her unique streetwear and casual attire designs cater to young men and women with a distinctive sense of fashion.  In just the past two years, Tomi has delivered over 15,000 outfits to clients worldwide, a testament to her commitment to quality and attention to detail. Tomi holds a Bachelor's degree in English Language, which she leverages to bring a unique perspective to her work.  Highlights of the Session Tomi shared her entrepreneurial journey, illustrating how s